funny how
I mean it’s funny how
these things happen.

I don’t even smoke and I was having
I was having a cigarette.

she came out
I mean like she came out
like she was being tailed
tailed by a rain cloud.

she didn’t even have one arm
one arm through her coat sleeve
when she asked for a light.

I lit it her cig
I mean I lit her cigarette and nodded.

I kept quiet because like
because she seemed disinterested.

but out of the blue she was like
so are you gonna buy me a drink?

I flicked my cig at the sky and asked
I mean I asked like
how about
how about a sex
how about a sex

and she flicked her cig
I mean she flicked her cig at my eye.

I mean like how about a sex
a sex on the beach? I asked
but I mean

I mean she was already gone.

written 1/07.
in the voice of M.S., who I thank for the inspiration.